Who you really are is beyond your wildest imagination or your most profound dreams!

Does this statement resonate with you? Inspire you? Make you smile? Or does it make you cringe with discomfort? Fidget nervously? Even make you angry?

Here is a challenge. Don’t make it matter whether the above statement makes sense to you or it does not. Don’t make it matter whether you agree with it or not. Please just let it be in your consciousness for a few weeks. Don’t analyse it. Don’t doubt it. Don’t accept it. Just let it be. That is your challenge. If you can do that, we guarantee you that you will bring to your surface consciousness some interesting insights, emotions and feelings that will have a profound impact on your knowledge of who you really are.

At a time when humanity is seeing a great crossroads appearing in its evolution, a time when humanity has developed the power to destroy itself or enlighten itself, the headline of this page is one that is paramount to our eventual destiny. Could it be that we are greater than we think we are and if so would we become enlightened through the struggles of our time? Or could it be that we are lesser than we think we are and if so would we destroy ourselves through these very struggles? Intriguing isn’t it?

To us here at Awaken Wisdom, the experiences of life are that we are greater than we can imagine. We have experienced courage in fear, strength in adversity, compassion in need and love in hate. We have experienced being in the midst of the worst lows of humanity and have had the honour of seeing the greatest highs of humanity rise up to overcome horror and devastation.

The understanding of human beings that we have garnered is that we truly are unimaginably great. Our experiences in the midst of war, torture, murder, rape, pillage, hate, disinterest, oblivion and unkindness have been the visions of extraordinary courage and strength that have come to the fore to alleviate suffering, to create hope and to conquer fear.

Our journey is to help uncover this greatness and bring it to life! Can you imagine why we jump out of bed every morning with a resounding yay? Can you understand why life has become a collection of enlightening experiences for us?

So we ask….

Is this the time for humanity’s great awakening?

In the past several hundred years, humanity as a whole has undergone the greatest shakeups in its recorded history. From the advent of the industrial and scientific age, to the rising of a new spirituality; from the dawn of the industrial and scientific age to the era of technology and communication; from a world of relative calm to a world of great stress and conflict, including the advent of a truly global war… yes, it is indeed a time when we humans have been shaken to our very core.

So what’s happening today? With your permission, if I may state the obvious, we humans are undergoing a time of real turmoil. Take a look;

  Significant climate and environmental issues triggering long term human problems such as hunger and poverty.

  Increasing conflicts and civil unrest in every continent threatening the social order of the world.

  Instability of global economic structures exacerbated by the lack of understanding of the underlying base that has created the collapses.

  A phenomenal surge in depression and suicide in the developed world.

  Increasing phenomena such as earthquakes and tsunamis, the causes for which are not understood by the scientific community or thought leaders.

This is the observable state of the world. What about the unobservable? Have you considered your own feelings? Your thoughts? Are you anxious about the future? Or have you just shut it out and are just focused on being oblivious? Do you feel connected to your spouse, parents and children? Do you like what you do? Or do you hate it? Do you feel you are living your life purpose?

These questions are important to every human being. When one is not living in the awareness of one’s true state, one brings forth many experiences that give cause for suffering, anxiety and stress.

It is time for us to awaken. We are on the threshold of some of the greatest transformations in our recorded history. The question is are we willing to wake up to it or will we continue to be cowardly in the face of our fears and head on to our path of wilful cataclysm?
Perhaps you are beginning to appreciate why those of us here at Awaken Wisdom are committed to our work. We are setting out to create a world that does not exist today. Will we succeed? It is irrelevant. We are conscious creators. Our destiny is to create not react. We will create because we can.

Our founder has extolled a vision of a world

  in which human beings are free, have the choice to live purposeful lives that create destinies worthy of themselves and stand for the greatness of all humanity.

  where love, respect, compassion and sharing abound.

  in which happiness is a choice open to all.

  where human beings live openly in the field of infinite possibilities free of the shackles of fear.

  where the joy of being one with all that is and will be, is accessible to all beings.

This vision is shared by many wonderful, courageous human beings. Perhaps you do too. The truth is that this vision is a world that is akin to humanity’s true nature. It is our “real” reality! Can you feel it so?

More details of this vision can be found on the contact us page.

We see that we can help manifest this world by helping human beings uncover the truth about themselves. All of our programmes are designed to do just that.

Incorporating the wisdom of modern sages such as Isaacs, Scharmer, Wilber, Greenfield etc as well as the wisdom of the ancient masters including the Buddha, Christ, Prophet Mohammed, Lord Krishna etc, these programmes have undergone years of testing and refining in the hands of dedicated students and teachers. Today they are easily inculcated into the time poor lifestyles of our urbanised, technology driven world.

You can find out more about these programmes, tools and special merchandise through our Mastery and Teach Shirts pages. Samples of these are;

  PanchaKriya - The Beginning Practices of Enlightened Beings – A one day programme of amazingly simple practices that are guaranteed to transform every aspect of your life to a broader, more open and engaged way of being. They are easily inculcated into your daily routines. You transform while living your day to day life. Now that is revolutionary isn’t it? Click here for more.

  Awakening Humanity; Answering The Call of Our Time – a book written by one of our master teachers. Sharing the fundamental wisdom that underlies our programmes, the book is the quintessential read for anyone courageous enough to seek a higher purpose and grounding for their lives. Take this opportunity to get in with the creation process of this magnificent read. Click here for more.

  Strong Up - Leadership in Troubled Times – A weekend programme to give leaders a set of practical applications of profound wisdom that enables them to master these troubled times. This is an intensive workshop and not meant for those who have no stomach for deep explorations and challenging conversations. Click here for more.
  Awaken Wisdom – Described as Practical Enlightenment for busy people, this is a 12 week programme devoted to a thorough deep dive within oneself, through study, practice, guidance and immersion. Requiring a significant commitment for 12 weeks, this programme too is not for the tyre kickers and the cowardly. Courage and commitment is mandatory for those who wish to be involved in this invigorating programme. Click here for more.

The organisation we have set up is committed to our vision for humanity. One of the ways in which we believe we can fulfil our mission is through the establishment of “Awakened Leadership Colleges” throughout the world where young people between the ages of 16 and 15 attend programmes designed to awaken them and prepare them to be the leaders of tomorrow. In line with our mission, we will be harnessing the profits of this enterprise to build and operate those colleges as well as supporting the Leadership Enlightenment Awakening Humanity (LEAH) project.

We are privileged to have you join us and participate with us on our mission. It is indeed a signal honour to stand by such courageous individuals who are committed to see Humanity at its highest…

Humanity is Extraordinary…
   You make it so!


Our Purpose

“To educate and inspire human beings to master their fear and awaken their true radiance to shine upon this earth, transforming the lives of all they touch and creating new vistas of life for all of humanity”

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